>> Mali's government has ordered the closure of 104 refined cooking oil factories across the country after an investigation revealed most of them don't have necessary equipment to produce

Total global acreage increases to 114.3 m hectares New Delhi, Feb. 18 India has the fifth largest area cultivated under genetically modified (GM) crops. According to worldwide data compiled by the International Service for the Acquisition of Agri-Biotech Applications (ISAAA), the total acreage planted under all GM crops amounted to 114.3 million hectares (mh) in 2007. Of this, over half or 57.7 mh was accounted for by the US, followed by Argentina (19.1 mh), Brazil (15 mh), Canada (seven mh), and India (6.2 mh).

Uncontacted Ayoreo Indians in Paraguay's forests, whose native land has been snatched away by landholding companies, may soon find a respite. A bill to forcibly expropriate the land from the

On July 7 this year a warehouse in a residential area of Asuncion, Paraguay's capital, caught fire. The warehouse, belonging to the ministry of agriculture and livestock and stocked with pesticides,

A Brazilian judge, Julier Sebastio da Silva, has halted work on a major river transportation system, as it poses an environmental risk. Silva suspended environ

The Argentinean government has ordered 3,000 cattle to be killed, after ten Paraguayan cattle were found to be infected with antibodies of the virus that causes foot-and-mouth disease. According

A complaint has been filed with the World Bank (wb) and the Inter-American Development Bank (idb) by affected Paraguayan dam victims who allege that the banks have violated their policies

Amidst the gloom caused by dwindling forests in eastern Paraguay, occasional success stories do emerge to cheer environmentalists. One such model of conservation is the Mbaracayu Nature

...Yet another rainforest disappears and a way of life dies as "development" catches up with the Guaranis of Paraguay

Argentina, Brazil May See Change In Paraguay Dam Deal PARAGUAY: April 9, 2008 ASUNCION - South American giants Argentina and Brazil are grappling with energy shortfalls as their economies roar, and could soon face calls to pay more for key power supplies from their poor neighbour Paraguay. Both regional powerhouses jointly own hydroelectric plants with Paraguay and benefit from decades-old deals that provide them with electricity at cut-rate prices.