On the hike in parking charges proposed during an Environment Pollution Control Authority (EPCA) meeting, MCD and DDA said they have received the minutes of the meeting and were working out the modalities. They added that it was too early to give out details of the new set-up.

If the Environment Pollution Control Authority (EPCA) has its way, you will soon have to pay as much as you do at multi-level parking lots to keep your car along the street. With about 25 new multi-level parking lots being constructed in the Capital before the Commonwealth Games 2010 to cater to the Capital's growing vehicular population, the EPCA has proposed to revise parking rates at all surface-level parking areas located in the vicinity of multi-level lots.

Get set to pay more for parking in busy markets and posh commercial centres. The Environment Pollution Control Authority (EPCA) has proposed levying higher rates in areas where real estate is costlier and demand for parking space high. It also wants time-linked rates extended to the entire city

You would soon forget about the men handing out small slips every time you take your vehicle to a municipal parking slot. If the Municipal Corporation of Delhi has its way, you would instead pay a lump sum and get an annual parking token. And you can use a parking lot under MCD jurisdiction for as many times as you wish for the course of the year. The proposal was mooted at a meeting of the MCD's remunerative projects cell on Tuesday. A concept paper is expected to be presented in a few days. Leader of the House Subhash Arya told Newsline that a concept paper on the plan would be brought out soon. "The system will be totally computerised,' he said. "This will be an effective strategy against unauthorised parking lots. The cost of the yearly token will be Rs 1,000 for two-wheelers and Rs 2,000 for cars.' The coupon would enable one to use any MCD parking lot for the whole year, Arya said. "The token will be renewed at the end of each year.' For the MCD, the benefit comes in that the scheme will raise its coffers withy earnings by doing away with unauthorised parking slots, Arya said. For Delhiites, it would mean a relief from "errant parking contractors', known to charge at their whims, he said. At present, even parking for a few minutes entails paying the minimum fare

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Conversation with Anumita Roy Chowdhary over car parking (Time - 1:04:16 to 1:11:45)

Why is Delhi delaying the implementation of its parking policy? Is vote bank politics trumping over a much needed move to unclog the national capital?We discuss on urban Reality this week.

In an attempt to curb the rise in both, the number of vehicles and pollution, the capital's civic bodies are deliberating a hike in one-time parking fee, which is collected by the Delhi government at the time of registration of vehicles.


21 May 2011

‘We want free parking…..’ is the petulant tantrum of the rich in Delhi. Read this news…The trader association of one of the most happening, and upmarket area in Delhi – Khan Market has moved the High Court to oppose the orders of the Environment Pollution (Prevention and Control) Authority to charge for parking.