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Friends-Turned-Foes Queer The Pitch; Main Opposition Wants Bill To Resemble Price Anderson Act
Amita Shah & Urmi A Goswami NEW DELHI

New Delhi: In the 25th year of the world

India and Russia signed key agreements on the civilian use of nuclear power and military and technical cooperation here on Monday, marking a strong consolidation of traditional ties between the two countries.

Russia put its weight behind India

THE Obama administration has asked for an

Mumbai: The second two-day Indo-French Nuclear Business Meet will begin in the city on October 14.

Nearly 500 Indian and French nuclear industry players and decision-makerswill get the opportunity to exchange ideas on nuclear cooperation with respect to various aspects including technical, business and economics.

North Korea said Wednesday that it would start a uranium enrichment program, declaring for the first time that it intended to pursue a second project unless the United Nations lifted sanctions.

Calling the United Nations Security Council

New York: Failed investment bank Lehman Brothers sits not only on toxic subprime mortgage loans but also toxic nuclear stockpile.

According to reports, the bankrupt bank holds up to 450,000 pounds of uranium