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The ochre of tiles that provide the roofing for many a happy home hides a tale of blood and tears of the young girls who make them. As the tiles bake in the kilns, they burn to cinder the lives of

A high powered team from the International Labour Organisation started an unprecedented investigation of what it has described as 'rampant' forced labour in Burma in what some observers see as a

As many as 45 groups of corporate houses, business associations and employers organisations of Andhra Pradesh have formed a consortium of sorts to fight the bane of child labour.AP has the highest

The United Nations Children's Fund (UNICEF) called on world leaders to stop the massive squandering of human potential by neglecting the needs of very young children. In its annual report on the

The world's 300 million indigenous people, half of whom live in Asia, rank among the world's poorest and most deprived, the International Labour Organisation (ILO) said

A National Policy and Plan of Action for the abolition of bonded labour and rehabilitation of those freed from this curse was approved by the Pakistan cabinet here on Wednesday. It defines policy

The final report of the Working Group on 'Empowering the Scheduled Tribes' has called for a comprehensive national tribal policy to safeguard the tribal interest, particularly that of the primitive

In the run-up to the Global Movement for Children and the UN General Assembly Special Summit on Children, five regional conferences are being organised by the Indian Council for Child Welfare

As the United Nations hosts its special session in September this year, children all over the world will, for the first time, add their voice to decide what issues are of prime importance for them.

The United States has announced a rescue package of $3.5 million for the rehabilitation of Nepali bonded labour locally called