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IPU: India is at 71st place as far as representation of women in Parliament is concerned with 9 per cent female members occuping its highest governing body, according to statistics released by the

The rehabilitation package for child workers announced by UP government on International Women's Day lacked special emphasis on girl child labour working in hazardous occupations.According to

Nepal's Deputy Prime Minister Ram Chandra Poudel, who is also the convenor of the Central Coordination and Monitoring Committee formed to identify problems faced by Kamaiyas and recommend ways for

President K R Narayanan today presented the National Award for Child Welfare, 1999, to five institutions and an individuals for their outstanding and voluntary contribution to the field of child

Five years after a watershed conference in Beijing articulated what more than 180 nations agreed were universal rights of women, a weeklong follow-up meeting has ended at the United Nations with no

The typical worker at a clothing or footwear factory run by a multinational corporation in south-east Asia with poor education and training, but strong hopes of enhancing her skills through her

President Clinton signed two international agreements today, one intended to prevent anyone under 18 from being sent to war and the other to protect children from exploitation by the sex trade and

Various development and welfare schemes being prepared by the government for the upliftment of tribals merely exists in files and papers. None of the higher officials care to implement the schemes

ILO : NGOs put the number of working children at over 100 million, while the government places the figure at 11.28 million- a report.

The Nepal government has initiated the process of rehabilitation of the Kamaiya labourers in the district of Dang. In its landmark decision on July 17, the government had emancipated all the