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For the first time, nine Indian school children shall participate in the Fifth Children's Summit to be held at Disneyland Paris in France in May next. A spokesperson of the United Nations

A recent survey by the Orissa Labour Department on child labour has been disputed by an NGO which claims the State Goverbment's estimate of the number of children working in hazardous units is flawed

Deep within the bamboo and timber-rich forests of Gadchiroli district in Maharashtra , tribal villagers are seeing the first stirrings of a 'mini political revolution'. The growing assertiveness

The Ministry of External Affairs has launched a curious attempt on the Internet to try and counter international campaigns against child labour.

The world has a quarter of a billion child workers and their numbers are set to rise, according to an International Labour Office report

They are walking for others and with a purpose. Thirty-two Britishers flying across Indian ocean have come down to Garden City, not on a jaunt, but to participate in a walkathon organised to raise

The Clinton administration has proposed an additional funding of $86 million to help strengthen the enforcement of child labour laws in the US and overseas, including South

The US-led anti-child labour campaign in South Asia will get a boost with President Bill Clinton's allocation of an additional $ 86 million to help enforce child labour laws at home and abroad.

Report : Statistics show that child labourers in Nepal have doubled in the past four years. According to a newly released report, there are about one million child labourers in Nepal at

A campaign to champion the cause of some 250 million children worldwide who are forced to work for survival was launched in Manila when thousands of children from various parts of Asia held a march