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The US has alleged that India has as many as five million bonded labourers, an unknown number being children, and accused the country of being lax in implementing laws banning such

The Union Ministry of Social Justice and Empowerment is preparing to provide "justice with compassion" to an estimated 30 million children in the country who belong to families living below the

A $1 billion class-action suit alleges that companies in Saipan, mistreat their employees. The suit says that in dozens of factories in Saipan, the capital of the Northern Mariana Islands, a U.S.

The Pakistan government has chalked out a four-pronged strategy to curb child labour in the country, labour and manpower minister Sheikh Rashid said . He said first those children

An ancient settlement has been discovered at Tejgadh which feel will explain, perhaps for the first time, the continuity in history of a tribal civilisation. The settlement, however, lies buried

India and the United States are engaged in a 'war of nerves' over the visit of customs officials from Washington to check prevalence of forced child labour in the textiles industry.The US customs

While strict rules govern environment conditions in the workplace, children are often forced to sit on uncomfortable chairs, use outside toilets and eat their lunch in unhygienic conditions. The

The Maharashtra Government has set up a 'Shabari Tribal Finance and Development Corporation' for the economic development of 90 lakh tribals in the

An important tribal community of Assam, the Dimasha, has demanded a separate state to protect its identity and wage a fight against

As part of the girl child week, being held from September 20 to 26. Unicef has decided to bring into focus, the issus plaguing this section of the society through Meena, an animated film series,