Hard hitting health impacts

Nidhi Jamwal and Kushal P S Yadav, prosecuted as trespassers

Fifty samples of honey collected from local markets of Portugal and Spain during year 2002 were analyzed for 42 organochlorine, carbamate, and organophosphorus pesticide residues.

In reel life, when things go wrong, the director takes recourse to a re take. Then there are the stunt men, who stand in for the hero when the going gets tough. In real life, there are no such provisions. Which is why it is time to take to take serious no

I met an eminent economist last week. He quoted another eminent economist cum columnist, and asked me if it was true that apples had higher pesticide residues than Coke or Pepsi. Before I could


august 5, 2003: Centre for Science and Environment (CSE) releases report on pesticide residues in 12 major cold drink brands sold in and around Delhi. august 6: Pepsico India Holdings Limited and

With their reputation at stake, the soft drinks industry started a major public relations offence. After decades of some of the most glamorous and high profile lifestyle selling ad campaigns, it has now resorted to assuring its customers that its products

toxic taint: Green Indian seedless grapes have been taken off supermarket shelves in Belgium following the detection of high levels of pesticide residues in the product in the Netherlands recently.

On April 1 this year the revised norms for bottled water should have come into force, but didn t. By missing the deadline which ironically coincided with All Fool s Day the Union government may have played a practical joke on millions of people consum