following the detection of antibiotic residues in shrimps exported from India in 2002, the government seems to be making a concerted effort to rectify the situation. The Marine Products Export

Air pollution is certainly an enemy of health. But there are others that may be even nastier. Chlorpyrifos a pesticide that can easily enter the human foodchain has more victims to its credit than carcinogenic air pollutants such as Polycyclic Aromati

The CSE’s recent exposé has blown the lid off the bottled water industry’s tall claims on the purity of its products. Simultaneously, it has brought to the surface a much larger problem: contamination of groundwater by pesticides

After we released our study on pesticide residues on bottled water, an experienced science journalist called me to verify something I had said in the press conference. He wanted to know if it was

EU decides to withdraw about 320 substances used in plant protection products including pesticides, fungicides and herbicides from markets by July, 2003

Packaged drinking water or natural mineral water is everywhere. It is now available in pouches, cups, bottles and bulky transparent jars. It is sipped in clubs, malls and fitness centres; glugged after a walk, jog or trek; sold on railway platforms and bu

India s soils are in a bad shape. T V Jayan investigates

Looks as if they are going the way of the dodo

Fertilisers boost plant growth but imbalanced application soon leads to use-fatigue

Agricultural growth in India has always laboured under the burden of producing more. The idea was: grow only foodgrains. That meant: not ecologically adapted cereals such as millets, but rice and