The memories of Belgium's 1999 dioxin crisis were revived with Germany shaken over feed grain contaminated by nitrofen, a cancer-causing chemical banned in the European Union (eu). Even though

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Children don t have a voice. They can t lobby or fight governments. The initiative lies with India s medical establishment and the civil society

Children are bearing the brunt of environmental degradation. Across the class divide, they are eating, drinking and breathing poison. And their special bodies make them most vulnerable to a host of diseases

Safeguards have been erected to weed out the supplies of tea laden with high pesticide residue levels. But when governments use these benchmarks to camouflage protectionism, there"s trouble brewing

soon there will be no arsenic-based preservatives in the wood used to build decks and playground equipment in the US. Recently, the lumber industry reached an agreement that would end the use of

US mulls use of data from pesticide tests on humans