kids at risk: Many Indian children who are constantly exposed to pesticides have serious disorders: severely impaired analytical and judgement abilities, motor skills, concentration and memory. This

Last fortnight, Down To Earth reported on the 'endosulfan scam'. On how an "expert" group, set up by the government to review safety concerns related to the pesticide and the health impacts on people living in the shadow of 20 years of incessant aerial spraying, had given the matter short shrift.

This book describes the issues surrounding pesticide residues in food and drinking water and, in particular, the issues associated with human exposure and consumer risk assessment.

In april this year, California became the first us state to introduce a bill to biomonitor breast milk. Activists and researchers hope that once this legislation is passed, it will help people realise that mothers pass on toxic material to their offspring

'Corporate Responsibility' has died a fancy death at the altar of public relations. A recent chemical analysis of branded packaged drinking water commonly called bottled water conducted by the Pollution Monitoring laboratory of the Centre for Science an

Why are there pesticide residues in bottled water? This isn"t an isolated query. It condenses 3-4 lines of questioning: • What kind of water do companies use as raw material?

Accountability in the Pesticide Industry A report based on a forum held at the Pocantico Conference Center . June 25 28, 2002 . Paper No 5

the seeds of a novel programme to reduce the rice-wheat predominance in Punjab's cropping pattern have been planted. The state recently launched a multi-crop, multi-year contract farming programme.

Call it paranoia or plain silliness. But it is amazing. The Centre for Science and Environment cse has been studying gas pricing in the country to assess how environmentally acceptable fuels can be