The European Food Safety Authority dismissed a study linking a Monsanto weedkiller to cancer after counsel from a US Environmental Protection Agency officer allegedly linked to the company.

Monsanto's Roundup weedkiller atomizers are displayed for sale at a garden shop at Bonneuil-Sur-Marne near Paris, France, June 16, 2015. REUTERS/Charles Platiau

Payment of compensation to endosulfan victims

All flowering plants sold by B&Q are to be grown without using pesticides that are harmful to bees, the retailer has announced.

Use of a common pesticide in spring could have an impact on wild bumblebees by interfering with their life cycle, a UK study suggests.

Following a recent finding by researchers in Madurai Kamaraj University, linking organophosphate insecticides to diabetes, a demand has been raised to ban using these pesticides.

Recent comparative product testing by city-based Consumer Education and Research Centre (CERC), found traces of pesticides and heavy metals in six supposedly-organic brands of rice.

A South African Emergency Plant Pest Response Plan, which deals with new pest detections, is already in motion to fight the Fall Army Worm (FAW).

शहर के बड़े थोक बाजारों में आम, पपीता और केला को घातक केमिकल से पकाकर बेचने की पुष्टि हो गई। फलों की जांच जिस केमिकल से पकाया जा रहा था, उसमें कार्बाइड स्टोन और लिक्विड केमिकल मिले हैं। यह खतरनाक

KOLKATA: Luscious litchis are usually a favourite with most, but it's not without its deadly side, literally.