Livestock sector plays a significant role in the rural economy of India. It contributes about 5 per cent of the total gross domestic product (GDP) and one-fourth of the agricultural GDP. The sector is unique in terms of employment opportunities as two-thirds of female workforce in rural India is engaged in livestock rearing.

After over 10 years of captive breeding, scientists have released 16 wild pygmy hogs

Animals used by the leather industry in India are transported to states where they can legally be killed. Forced to walk through the heat and dust for days without food or water, many of the animals collapse. Handlers pull the cattle by ropes through their noses and twist their necks, horns and tails or rub chilli peppers in their eyes in order to keep them moving.

The pygmy hog


The industrialisation of livestock production has reached most countries in the world. Three quarters of the world

Ecuador's meat and dairy exports have been affected after an outbreak of foot-and-mouth disease in the country. The disease was first registered in a pig farm in the southern province of Azuay.

Fatal influenza virus strain found in pigs

ZOE YOUNG travels through Poland to find that its farmers dread integration with the EU

The foot-and-mouth disease has reared its ugly head once again in South Korea. Tens of thousands of pigs have been slaughtered in the country as the dreaded disease has shown signs of spreading. The