Since rats cannot be totally exterminated, keeping a watch on wild and domestic rodernt plays a critical role in plague control, and this can be easily done by making rodent watch a part of the regular studies of zoology students in

A controversy rages over whether the Surat plague bacillus was a secret hardsell by a Kazakh chemical firm

With all its wealth and affluence, Surat remains the least concerned about health and hygiene

The panic created when the plague rippled out from Surat and threatened other parts of the country exposed India's complete lack of resources for crisis control management. In order to combat such emergency situations in future, the government appointed V

The plague mystery still foxes the high level technical advisory committee constituted by the Centre. In its 7 page interim report, the committee headed by V Ramalingaswamy, former director general

Confusion reigns among scientists over the identity of the epidemic that claimed over 60 lives in Surat and the Beed district recently, with medical experts changing their verdict from viral

The Black Death is an established phenomenon the world over, so there is no point pillorying India alone

Despite desperate combing operations, the plague bacillus is playing hide and seek with doctors

In the wake of the plague came the clamour for plague-beating drugs, particularly tetracycline. Says Prabir Biswas, director (marketing) of the Indian Drugs and Pharmaceuticals Ltd (IDPL), "When

Even as the Maharashtra government faces flak for its inept handling of bubonic plague in Beed district, experts have denounced the state's earthquake reconstruction and rehabilitation programme