Satellite images revealing vast quantities of ice on Mars rekindle hopes about life existing on the planet

Twelve more moons of the planet Saturn were discovered recently, making Saturn the planet with the highest number of moons in our Solar System. Observations taken

Discovery of a new planet raises hopes of finding planets similar to the Earth

Magnetic fields are able to unbend the space time continuum

Winds blow on Titan

Life on Mars may have gone undetected by earlier probes

Astronomers have used a high-resolution spectrograph at the Keck I telescope, in the us, to obtain the spectra of the atmosphere of Venus and reported a strong green line emission. Studying the

Minute traces of specially designed greenhouse gases can be used to heat up Mars and make the planet habitable much faster than anyone thought possible. "On the Earth these gases may be pollution,

Four more moons have been discovered in the past two months orbiting Saturn, bringing the total to 22, which is more than any other planet in the Solar System. This was announced by Matt Holman of

ten new planets have been discovered outside the earth's solar system. The discoveries of these planets has increased the tally of the total confirmed planets to around 50. At least six of the 10