Astronomers analysing images of Uranus from the Hubble Space Telescope have found two tiny moons orbiting the planet. The finding supports a theory that the moons

The current theory of planet formation has just been proved wrong. It is time astrophysicists got back to the drawing board

A new planet outside our solar system comes to light

For the first time, scientists have been able to "see' another planet outside the solar system. On the night of November 7, the shadow of a planet was observed directly in front of a distant star

A team of scientists at the University of California, Berkeley, has successfully recreated the conditions inside the planets Neptune and Uranus. They managed to squeeze a tiny sample of methane to

Two groups of scientists have claimed there is proof of a tenth planet in the solar system. Astrophysicists are sceptical

in an ambitious revival of exploration of Mars, two us spacecraft have approached the planet. One spacecraft has studied the atmosphere,

Almost 8 per cent of the stars in the universe have literally gobbled up planets

Jupiter s Great Red spot resembles a lopsided wedding cake, say experts

The Red Planet Mars never ceases to surprise scientists. The Mars Global Surveyor spacecraft has found