The discovery of water will make it possible to set up a colony on the Moon. But will there be a repeat of the East India Company?

There is a lot of hydrogen on the moon, possibly in the form of water ice, which could fuel rockets and is fuelling fantasies about colonisation

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Surf's up There are many obvious parallels between the Internet and the oceans. You can surf on both, a lot of people are scared by both, and the deeper you go into them the more horrible are the

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Good news. Star 51 Pegasi really has an orbiting planet

Information gathered by the spacecraft Cassini may solve many riddles about the next most interesting planet after Mars

A new ocean has been discovered, that too on one of jupiter's moons, opening up the possibility of extraterrestrial life

The rightplace to look for extraterrestrial life is not planets of other solar systems but their moons

Two physicists claim that dark matter making up as much as 99 per cent of the universe, may have changed the course of life on earth. Samar Abbas and Asfar Abbas of the Institute of Physics at