Observations support the hypothesis that thousands of comets are present in a belt on the periphery of our Solar System

The recent Atlantis Mir docking in space, only the 2nd of its kind, is the first tentative step towards Mars

Atlantis and Mir did an intimately interlocked fandango for 5 days, and its crew of 6 Americans and 4 Russians sprinted through an impeccably and precisely scheduled series of 28 experiments, 15 of

THOMAS Crapper, the inventor of the commode, had never anticipated the headache involved in the act of hitting the pot in space. There has been a steady and gainless drain of US $3 million on R&D on

Lunar phases influence global temperature

Channels and valleys observed on the Martian surface and meteorites of Martian origin indicate that once there might have been water on the planet

What on Earth are comets? And why do they behave whimsically like they do?

"CARRYING capacity" is likely to be the Catchphrase of the Year. The term is liberally sprinkled throughout State of the World Report 1994, like some sort of mantra. To illustrate "a breach of

Scientific research and organisation must be completely re oriented to a more balanced development of the planet.

Of all the planets in our solar system, Mercury has been the most elusive it took astronomers almost 14 centuries to predict its orbit correctly. The latest sighting of the planet, called its transit, occurred earlier this month.