WITH LATUR so fresh in the mind, it is with a sense of trepidation that one picks up B V Raman's book. While scientists would obviously scoff at astrology, B V Raman argues convincingly that

FOR CENTURIES, human behaviour has been governed by regulations. And, in step with technology advances, environmental problems have come to need more and more stringent regulations. But most of these

The Gemini twin telescope project, being spearheaded by Britain, will help astronomers watch a planet being born

Scientists say the Moon exerts a moderating influence on variations in the Earth's obliquity or tilt and this has a direct effect on our climate.

clean energy Nuclear deal gets through With the International Atomic Energy Agency clearing India

freshness sensor: Grocers, florists and even pharmacists may soon have a better way to monitor the quality of products they get from suppliers: a sensor that will tell when a product spoils. A

A recent find raises hope for further space invasion

The Earth will evaporate when the sun dies

A mathematical relationship between planets in our solar system holds astoundingly true even for 3 distant planets orbiting a pulsar

Fresh data on the collision of shards of Shoemaker Levy 9 with Jupiter last year has divided scientists on the size of the comet fragments