The world s powers celebrated Christmas 2003 in style: they sent robotic geologists to the red planet Mars, Earth s uninviting and hostile neighbour. Two major space faring powers, the European Union and the US, extended their race for space supremacy to

We may celebrate Christmas Day this year in the name of science. On that day, the 400 million kilometer voyage of Beagle 2 will end: it will land on Mars, culminating Europe's first mission to

A recently found object that is roughly half the size of Pluto might be the smallest planet

Mars once had a magnetic field as strong as the Earth

Earth is 30 million years older than originally estimated by researchers

Earth is getting wider near the equator

Scientists have always thought that the Sun was the most dependable body in the heavens. But with a new peak in solar activity, researchers are discovering a frightening new face of our star. As

Astronomers discover an Earth like planetary system

With evidence being unearthed of huge amounts of frozen water below the surface of Mars, the likelihood of life existing on the red planet has increased. The finding made by the Mars Odyssey

Astronomers have recently discovered 11 small moons encircling Jupiter. The team of astronomers led by Scott Sheppard and David Jewitt from the University of Hawaii had previously found 11 new moons