KERI: A pair of endemic Southern Birdwing butterflies in mating posture has been photographed in Bhuipal by Suryakant Gaonkar.

Eastern Himalayas, particularly the small mountain state of Sikkim, is emerging as a treasure trove for botanists, mycologists and naturalists who in the year 2015 alone have discovered as many as

347 species of flora and 424 of fauna, including two reptiles have been discovered in the country in 2013-2014, Environment Minister Prakash Javadekar informed Lok Sabha today.

Medicinal plant trade is important for local livelihoods. However, many medicinal plants are difficult to identify when they are sold as roots, powders or bark. DNA barcoding involves using a short, agreed-upon region of a genome as a unique identifier for species– ideally, as a global standard.

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At a time when plants and animals are under threat across the world, nature lovers and conservationists in India have 349 reasons to feel happy.

In order to establish the gene bank of the highly threatened and rare varieties of medicinal, wild food and other species and to develop their nursery for re-plantation of the seedlings of these r

Scientists call for curbs on quarrying in biodiversity pockets

Ministry of Environment & Forest and Climate Change vide its notification No. S.O.

A research team from SNM College, Maliankara, has reported the discovery of three new plant species from the Pooyamkutty-Edamalayar region, highlighting the rich biodiversity of the Western Ghats.

A biodiversity survey carried out by the Centre for Environment Education (CEE) has documented and photographed 205 varieties of mangoes in the Western Ghats in Maharashtra.