Even after controlling Howrah Municipal Corporation (HMC) for over two decades, the CPI-M led board has failed to stop pollution created by industries in most of its wards.

Yamunanagar, July 16 Two persons were killed and one fell ill after inhaling a poisonous gas that surfaced from a tubewell at Patti village here today. The mishap took place when a farmer, Joginder Singh, along with his servant Ranbir had gone deep into the tubewell to repair a non-functional motor. The police said after the duo did not respond to the family members' calling, Joginder Singh's brother Gurmeet Singh moved down into the tubewell. He found that Joginder Singh and Ranbir were lying dead.

The French interior ministry has reported that traces of the

Emission of hazardous gases and chemicals by brick kilns are a cause for concern in the Kathmandu Valley in Nepal. Their numbers have risen rapidly over

Devices to reduce the emissions of toxic gases from two Cameroon lakes will be put in place by a team of 10 scientists and engineers from the us , France and Japan. The emission of these

a carcinogenic gas called cokeoven leaked from the gas supply lines of the Durgapur Steel Plant (dsp), West Bengal, in the last week of December, 2000. The leak took place when a fire

B F Goodrich's General Chemical Plant in Akron and its surrounding area in Ohio had to be evacuated after approximately 1,500 litres of butadiene was accidentally released. Butadiene is a flammable

TESTS carried out by France and Switzerland have not found any presence of vx, a poison gas on Iraqi warheads. These findings are contrary to those of the US, which had shown presence of the deadly

TOXIC fumes from a well claimed five lives at Dichaun Kalan village in west Delhi on July 11. The first casualty was a villager who climbed down the well to install a pump in an attempt to solve the

nearly 63 miners died in a methane gas explosion which took place in the Skochinsky coalmine, Donetsk, Ukraine. This was one of the Ukraine's worst mining disasters. Some 600 persons were