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The recent exercise of expanding the list of polluting industries has come under flak as industries already on the list get away with defaulting

The land of proletarian bicycles might soon be taken over by cars, which will bring in their wake the problems of pollution and dwindling energy supplies

Lead-free petrol, which the ministry of environment :nd forests (MEF) is All: seeking to introduce in W, the 4 major metrop titan cities by April 1, 1995, is hazardous to health, says H B Mathur,

Singapore's squeaky clean has suffered a body ith a recent govern d kclosure that the has a serious pollu 1rOhlein. In,.-nid ber, the island's cnvi ncrit ministry said that air pollution had

Certain plant and animal species are being used as "early warning systems" for pollution

"Green cover" -- a near-generic, near-pacifist environmental term today -- was coined at a time of bitter war, by Allied troops hiding from Japanese bombing runs in Malaya's forests in World War II.

THIS is the 6th in the World Resources series -- which provides information on environment and development -- and has a special focus on people and the environment. These chapters deal with natural

A recent study by the Central Pollution Control Board (CPCB) has suggested that modifying and upgrading the existing machinery and technology in power plants and reducing transmission and

Apart from massively polluting the air, 4-wheelers present another environmental problem -- the annual disposal of billions of litres of engine oil that need to be replaced every 4,800 km for cars

THE World Health Organization has identified New Delhi as one of the 10 most polluted cities in the world, a dubious distinction that Delhi now shares with other megacities like Mexico City, Seoul