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Sterlite Industries' proposed copper smelting unit and jetty are a threat to the well being of the people of Ratnagiri. A recent report on the unit supports the people's protest

Can the high pollution levels in Delhi lead a person to commit suicide? A 40-year-old deputy secretary in the ministry of rural development, L Balachandra, had committed suicide at his Pragati Vihar

In the March 8 hearing of the Taj pollution case, the Supreme Court agreed to consider a more humane way of tackling the problem instead of relocating the hundreds of polluting industries in Agra and

India has yet to tackle the problem of leaded petrol, which causes brain damage in children

A JAPANESE company has developed a device to discourage pigeons from perching on statues, temples and other buildings and control the menace of pigeon droppings. Called a "bird stopper", the

Fariburz Sahba, the Iranian architect who designed the, Baha'i Lotus Temple in New Delhi, is a sad man today. Dust and emissions from vehicles and industries around the temple are causing its marble

VITAL Signs responds to the need for information on the trends that are reshaping our world. It surveys 42 global indicators, such as the decline in per capita availability of food and water,

The first episode of an S&T serial on STAR Plus takes a hard look at the havoc caused by lead emissions and strategies to counter this.

Newly flooded reservoirs, which store water for hydroelectric plants, sometimes generate large amounts of greenhouse gases, comparable to those produced by thermal power plants.

When a team of young French civil servants selected by the Paris-based Foundation Nationale Entreprise et Performance (FNEP) visited India in the second week of November, the media was quick to