The  heavy  metals  generally,  enter  the  aquatic  environment  through  atmospheric deposition,  erosion of geological matrix or due to anthropogenic activities caused by industrial effluents, domestic sewage and mining wastes. The main objectives of this paper is to understand the

Fuel stationsIn a major reversal of policy, the government is likely to consider on November 10 reserving scarce domestic natural gas for power plants that claim to be built by March 2012 but whose schedule is subject to several conditions.

The government has till now maintained that scarce domestic gas cannot be reserved for anyone and only those customers who are ready to receive the fuel hav

Traffic policemen working in the busy traffic signal areas get
exposed to the vehicular emissions for years together. The fumes, chemicals
and particles present in the emission are reported to be damaging to the
lung functions of these individuals. Since there were no data available on
the PFT parameters of traffic police personnel of Pondicherry, this study

P Jonathan Ambrose ENS

IF New Delhi Metallo-betalactamase (NDM-1)is the latest superbug that is threatening humans, crops too have their share of superbugs.

One of them is Papaya Millibug, a pest which has reportedly destroyed most of the crops in Puducherry and southern Tamil NaduCoimbatore, Erode and Tirupattur.

N Ganesh of CEAD, an NGO that works with the farmers of the Thavaluppam are

The draft action plan on climate change by Union Territory of Puducherry. It highlights various approaches and activities formulated for adopting six missions under NAPCC to mitigate the climate impacts.

The audit was done to examine whether due diligence has been exercised in selection of a private developer for development of a Pondicherry Port on BOT basis and the procedure laid down by the Union Government in this regard has been followed by Government of Pondicherry.

It appears to reflect only the interests of industry, say representatives

PUDUCHERRY: Fishermen in the Union Territory are demanding an Act that would protect their interests, in the light of the recently-released pre-draft Coastal Regulatory Zone Notification, 2010.

Rajesh B. Nair

A sewage treatment plant is being planned on the southern side bund of Kanakaneri at Thattanchavady in Puducherry.

PUDUCHERRY: The Kanakaneri, one of the oldest waterbodies in the town, is once again in the news. Environmental activists have come out against the government's decision to establish a sewage treatment plant on Kanakaneri under the Comprehensive Sewerage Scheme.

A survey was made on certified organic farms in the country to ascertain the real benefits and feasibility of organic farming in terms of the production potential, economics and soil health in comparison to the conventional farms.

PUDUCHERRY: Member of Legislative Assembly S.P. Sivakumar has urged the Public Works Department (PWD) to come out with a detailed report on the status and quality of drinking water in the town area.

In a press release, Mr. Sivakumar said the quantity of drinking water being supplied across the town was scarce. The water was murky and residents feared that sewage had mixed with drinking water.