Pobitora wildlife sanctuary in Assam has far more rhinos than it can sustain

Northeast India occupies 8 per cent of the country s geographic area, and supports 3.8 per cent of India s total population 2001 census figures . The average population density of the Northeast is 149 persons per square kilometre sq km , a figure far be

Resources devoted to health care systems are neither divided equitably nor in proportion to the distribution of health problems

An estimated 8,000 babies are born with neural defects every year in Rajasthan. Most of them die within a few months of birth. They are lucky. Because those who survive suffer from grave deformities. S G Kabra, physician at the Indian Institute of Health

In the last 50 years, India s population has registered a three fold increase

THE southern state of Kerala has performed extraordinarily in the areas of public health, education, family welfare and adult literacy. Its success in areas other than population control are easier

BY coincidence, I happened to read two recent reports together. They were UNFPA's State of the World Population 1992 and Towards a Green World by Anil Agarwal and Sunita Narain. Both are lucidly