THE Dangs, one of the few forests in Gujarat that boasts of green cover, is facing imminent danger of annihilation. Massive deforestation due to population pressures and rapid industrialisation are

Life expectancy in India will be 71 by the year 2025, says the latest World Health Report

In his foreword to this collection of essays, Timothy E Writh of the US State Department asserts that "the Clinton administration is poised to take a leadership role on global population and

Human pressures are taking a toll of amphibians

The most powerful government in the world and the behemoth tobacco industry are waging a ding-dong battle over...well, cigarettes

A Nepalese community that grows vegetables using traditional techniques is now succumbing to population pressures and rapid urbanisation.

By 2010, the world's population will have gone up to 6 billion. But at the recent New York meeting on population and development, counting heads took precedence over critical issues such as women's nutrition and education

In order to reinforce its pro abortion stand, the new US administration has announced its intention of resuming funding to the UNFPA. The hitch: UNFPA supports China's rigorous population control programme, which has been decried internationally as infrin

The consumerist tendency of our society has resulted in the branding of population explosion as the villain in a world that has place for everyone's need but no one's greed.

American aid for Indian irrigation projects has been withdrawn as focus shifts to other sectors.