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Pro-Poor Growth and Governance in South Asia, Decentralization and Participatory Development

Delhi acts tough on diesel vehicles, levies pollution tax

Isn t a good fillip to growth also cultural in nature?

Cannot wish ecological poverty away

World’s poorest nations can’t have the much needed investment for growth

Panchayati raj institutions have not given much justice to Dalits

When 80,000 people talk it makes noise. So it wasn t unusual for the fourth World Social Forum WSF in Mumbai to be snidely called a huge talking fair . There was also talk about WSF s need to introspect on its ability to impact globally. A good point.

What is poverty? The Planning Commission is set to undertake an exercise to find a quantifiable answer to the question. It has proposed to the Union government to set up an expert group to redefine poverty and, consequently, reassess the percentage of Ind

Basic services can work against poverty but are usually elusive, shows the latest World Development Report

About 12 million American families last year couldn t afford to buy food. 32 per cent of them actually experienced someone going hungry at one time or another. These are some of the findings of the Agriculture Department of the us. It was the third year i