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For services the marginalised need

ON SEPTEMBER 12, 2006 the Madhya Pradesh High Court issued notices to the Union and state governments on the removal of 21,00,000 families from the below poverty line (bpl) list. The order came in

Despite having burned its fingers with export processing zones, which mainly involved a number of substantial fiscal benefits, the government has gone into overdrive to push its new policy on special economic zones. The difference, this time around, is th

Tax breaks Public money for private gain

Will SEZs be fiefdoms, beyond the law?

the Salwa Judum movement, an armed counter-Naxalite campaign in Chhattisgarh comprising of local tribal and non-tribal people backed by the state, is precipitating a deeper crisis in the state

At a media studded book release function, a leading editor was recounting a recent incident. He was travelling with a top Uttar Pradesh politician who we will not name but call Mr A in his brand

Urban India is beginning to explode. The question is if our cities will be able to manage this growth or will they just burst at the seams? The reason I ask this is because we still don t have a clue

At least 10 people died and several were injured in a clash between a joint military task force and militants in Bavelsa state of Nigeria. The clash followed a recent presidential directive ordering