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Despite repeated assurances by successive Governments to eradicate poverty, over 40 per cent of the total population of Assam are still living below the poverty line, that too according to an

The World Bank claims that despite the largest "concentration" of the poor in the world,India has "wasted" considerable anti-poverty funds. The bank called upon India to urgently develop a new

Study :Poverty in both rural and urban India has come down significantly between 1987-88 and 1993-94, according to an official study. There has been a decline in the incidence of poverty in the

Incidence of poverty has come down significantly in both urban and rural areas of the country. This is the conclusion of a study organised by the department of statistics that used all methods of

Nearly a third of Americans experienced severe poverty at some time between 1993 and 1995, but for most people it was transitory, according to a study released by the census bureau. The report shows

A US $12.5 million project that focuses on poverty alleviation, environmental protection and improving the quality of education has been launched in Pakistan. The project, instituted by the United

> this book is one of the eight books in the Worldwatch Insti-tute's Environment Alert series and raises some contem-porary issues concerning global security. The first part of the book deals

The latest Human Development Report highlights the need for people and resource friendly development

Laying low Seeking out the poorest

Poverty, especially in rural areas, and illiteracy go hand in hand. The majority of the world's poor, about