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Bioresources, the energy and raw materials derived from plants and animals, could help end poverty.

Imagine this scene unfolding in one of the cool rooms off the magnificent Central Hall of the Indian Parliament: a Member of Parliament punches 2-fingered into an imported laptop 486, plugs it -- fax

Non governmental organisations are taking the government's proposal for cooperation in poverty alleviation with a healthy pinch of salt

Outdated federal regulations make Indian reserves in Canada vulnerable to waste dumping from sly and better off surrounding communities

DEVELOPED countries are busy increasing the breadth and depth of the intellectual property regime, using accusations of piracy. Yet, the innovations that multinationals have patented are heavily

DEVELOPMENT discourse in the post-World War II era centred on social and economic inequality. Rural poverty was linked directly to iniquitous land ownership and it was felt public policy had to take

THE NUMBER of hungry people in South Asia -- who make up 49 per cent of the population -- can be cut by 50 per cent to 281 million, according to the World Bank. This can be achieved through

British aid agency Oxfam has criticised the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund for their economic policies in sub Saharan Africa.

The wealthy people of Nauru face a future of poverty because most of their only natural resource, phosphates, has been exploited ruthlessly by Australia.

THREE months have passed since the South Asian Association for Regional Cooperation adopted the Dhaka Declaration pledging to alleviate poverty drastically in the region. However, the United Nations