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"A food secure and poverty free Jammu and Kashmir can be achieved by 2007 following a road map developed by us. The State is in an excellent position to ensure that no one is below the poverty line

A report on reducing business regulation published by the World Bank says poor countries could learn much from rich ones, and argues that a

With only 3.48 per cent of the population living below the poverty line (BPL) in Jammu and Kashmir, a major thrust is being laid on nutrition, as the state is deemed to become the first in the

For long the victims of poverty, hunger and institutional neglect, the dwindling tribe of Pahari Korbas now has another menace to contend with

Are the Bawarias of Rajasthan hunters, nomads or a tribe of criminals?

The global divide in income, health and wealth has only widened further in this era of unregulated capitalism. And there are no signs of it being bridged

The good thing about this book is that it makes a clear attempt to scale down the shrill rhetoric of the gm debate. The sharp language and aggressive defence, seen in many publications on GM technology and GM crops, are missing. However, the arguments are

An Asian Development Bank (ADB) team headed by Geert van der Linden, special advisor to the Bank president, has concluded discussions with the officials of the finance ministry and Planning

Like two wary advertisaries discovering a common interest, the United Nations and the private sector are beginning to forge a joint approach to tackling global poverty. Last week, Ernestor Zedillo,

An ambitious externally-aided $33.2 million hill poverty-alleviation project, currently being implemented in three north-eastern states, has been hit by a major controversy over the resignation of