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With about 815 million people going to sleep hungry, the head of the U.N. Food and Agriculture Organisation(FAO) says that development experts mesmerised by international trade and high technology

The West Bengal state government will soon get a grant of

World Summit on Sustainable Development, Johannesburg, August 26 September 4, 2002

Of poverty, life in India has improved little over the past decade, reports the planning commission's National Human Development Report 2001

"Poverty mitigating strategies need to be responsive to changes in the economy and society since poverty is a muti-dimensional phenomenon and the poor are a heterogeneous group," said the Director of

With the rural poverty in Andhra Pradesh reaching a low of 11.05 per cent, lowest among all the states in the country, the state government has decided to make a last attempt to reduce it. For this

The Andhra Pradesh state cabinet on Wednesday decided to launch Rs 2,450 crore World Bank aided Andhra Pradesh rural poverty eradication programme 'Velugu' on June

The Andhra Pradesh Government is set to embark on Rs 2,450-crore World Bank-funded rural poverty reduction project is aimed at capacity building in the poorer tracts in 16 districts of the State. The

Urban poverty and hunger are reaching alarming levels in cities of the Horn of Africa. Urban populations are expected to double in the next ten years, and action by governments, local authorities

Finance Minister Yashwant Sinha was even more expansive, holding out the prospect that his country will have eradicated poverty and illiteracy by 2015. "By 2015, India will have conquered the problem