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The latest Human Development Report highlights the need for people and resource friendly development

Laying low Seeking out the poorest

Poverty, especially in rural areas, and illiteracy go hand in hand. The majority of the world's poor, about

The number of institutions trying to integrate environmental concerns with economics is still small in India, especially given the size of the country and the diversity of its environmental problems and challenges, but a small beginning has already been made. This volume presents the proceedings of the national environment and economics meeting held in January 1994, in New Delhi.

The number of people emigrating is rising steadily every year. All these movements derive from the failure of societies to meet the fundamental needs and aspirations of their citizens, for safe

the post-war consensus on poverty alleviation was shattered by a truculent critique of the welfare state from the combative conservative right in us in the early '80s. Apart from the rising costs

The forthcoming World Food Summit must ensure that the umbrella of food security also extends to encompass the Southern nations poor

A WHO report on Southeast Asia blames poverty for the rot

STUDIES on the interrelationships between gender, poverty and environmental change in rural India remain a grey area, tackled by very few economists, a notable exception being Bina Agarwal.

Reduction of poverty remains one of the foremost global challenges. An estimated 1.3 billion persons in the developing world will live in. absolute poverty by the turn of the century. While the