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A strategic pro-poor policy has been adopted by the Union Minister for Rural Development. The strategy is intended to be treated as a net resource replete with the poor persons' own ideas and

The World Bank has approved Rs. 6 crores for special poverty eradication programme for Chhattisgarh. The programme will be run for upliftment of the economic conditions of the families living the

According to the latest sample survey data on consumer expenditure by National Sample Survey Organisation the poverty ratio on a 30-day recall basis is estimated at 27.09 in rural areas, 23.62 in

The World Bank has approved two loans for India, totalling $289.2 million. The loans, routed through its soft lending window of International Development Association, are meant for rural poverty

A United Nations Food and Agriculture Orga

There has been a large-scale widening of the gap in the health status of rich and poor populations in the former Soviet Union and former Eastern European bloc. This was reported in a new report from

A four-day meeting under the joint auspices of the International Monetary Fund (IMF) and the World Bank to discuss threadbare the Poverty Reduction Strategy Programme (PRSP) is scheduled on January

While the overall poverty figures have dropped sharply over the 1990s, the marginalised section of the society has fallen way behind in the race for economic development. The difference between the

The People's Rights Movement (PRM) representatives at a meeting with 10 trade unions of the twin cities discussed the significance of Poverty Reduction Strategy Paper (PRSP), currently being prepared

...the West eats into the world's resources, leaving the developing nations and its poorest struggling against