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IMF would seek the continuity of its Poverty Reduction Growth Facility Programme (PRGF) (Pakistan) with the political government assuming office after October elections. In this regard, an official

As one of the least developed countries Bangladesh has yet to ensure the elimination of poverty. Almost half of the population remain in an environment of uncertainty about their living. They have no

Pressures on wto from the environmental lobbies of the North have grown and the organisation has more or less caved in completely

The Human Development Report 2001 has highlighted the plight of the rural poor in India. Although, India has moved up to the 115th position form last year's No. 128 with respect to the HDI, India's

The World Bank which finances a number of development projects in Uttar Pradesh, has said the state was not doing enough to eradicate poverty. The poverty reduction and economic management division

Piling up stocks is not an indicator of surplus food. It simply implies that the poor at the current income levels cannot afford even subsidised food. In order to tackle the problem of poverty in

A new policy fails to address key problems of healthcare

The Bush Administration declares that the theme of the G-8 summit is poverty allevation. This theme, as National Security Adviser Condoleezza Rice explains, is "an extension in many ways of the

The United Nation's human development report is known for preaching sermons about the injustice of poverty and offering solutions that advocate moving forward rapidly into the past. But this year it

Traffic management in India is contrary to that in any sensible country in the world