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Sikkim can attain its potential to become the first poverty-free state in India if concerted public action focuses on ensuring balanced development, enlarging employment opportunities, safeguarding

Delhi has 4.11 lakh families or nearly 20 lakh people living below the poverty level, claims the Delhi Government. But this is not the true picture, it confesses in the same breath. There could be

Resources devoted to health care systems are neither divided equitably nor in proportion to the distribution of health problems

A UNDP report links democracy with a better human development scenario

Bad land management practices have led to the creation of radical groups in Bihar

An estimated 8,000 babies are born with neural defects every year in Rajasthan. Most of them die within a few months of birth. They are lucky. Because those who survive suffer from grave deformities. S G Kabra, physician at the Indian Institute of Health

In the last 50 years, India s population has registered a three fold increase

the growing livelihood insecurity that the masses face due to depletion and degradation of environmental resources, population explosion, unemployment and poverty have marked the end of the 20th

More than 150 nations gather to assess the damage from mounting ecological and social catastrophes