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Ever since the Supreme Court sc ordered closure/relocation of polluting units in Delhi, which subsequently left nearly 50,000 people jobless, it has often been debated whether a conflict exists between environment conserva

World Bank : The World Bank has said that India has become "home to majority of the world's poor" and the rate of poverty reduction in the country has "dramatically slowed down" in the current

Restrictions on jhum cultivation, large scale immigration and timber smuggling have made Tripura an environmentally poor state

The world has sufficient resources to accelerate progress to accelerate progress in human development for all and to eradicate poverty. According to the United Nations Development Programme's Human

The public distribution system (PDS) , one of the India's oldest and most far-reaching public safety net schemes , has perhaps been the least efficient of the country's anti-poverty programmes. A

The World Bank is launching a new study on poverty in India even as basic health and education services remain distant for many of its poor with gaps galore in the coverage and effectiveness.

Even the "sensitive" Sen has failed to understand ecological poverty"