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Current economic growth patterns: the rich get richer, the poor get poorer. Take a look at the patterns of consumption between 1975 and 1995. The world's richest people - only 20 per cent of

The change in the mindset of the rural people and in the ecology is extraordinary. The mental poverty has gone

This year's Nobel laureates

The Philippine government is compelled to take major steps to ease poverty and unemployment in the drought-stricken Southeast Asian region. The farm sector, which analysts say has been neglected by

Death and disease are closely linked to economic well-being. The greatest number of people in sub-Saharan Africa or India die due to communicable diseases, which have close associations with poverty

The Punjab government has ordered a probe into a series of suicides by small and marginal farmers and landless workers in Sangrur district of the state. This decision was taken by Punjab chief

compulsory acquisition of land by public and private sector companies often displaces people, forcing them to give up their homes, assets, means of livelihood and even vocation. More often than

The World Bank on Tuesday resumed lending to Indonesia with a $225-million loan to reduce poverty, despite political and social uncertainties in Asia's hardest-hit crisis economy. The announcement

The tasty meat of a breed of poultry unique to Jhabua is turning out to be the its greatest enemy in the fight for survival

World Bank report : The World Bank expects India to halve its poverty and achieve universal primary education by 2015, but gender equality will prove a tough challenge as will environmental