Much has been done to try to save the world’s largest cat — threatened
by hunting, habitat loss and the wildlife trade — but their numbers
have continued to spiral downward for nearly two decades according to this study published in the latest issue of PLoS Biology journal.

Tigers from Panna National Park in Madhya Pradesh disappeared because they wandered out of the park and got poached. The forest department could not be held responsible for the loss because its jurisdiction ended within the park, says a state government committee report.

If Project Tiger has its way, there will be no more coal mining in Chhindwara

Tribals as first line of defence in Project Tiger? Nallamala offers a complex case.


A non-government society for bio-diversity conservation, Aaranyak, has found that the sprawling Kaziranga National Park (KNP) in Assam has 32 highly-endangered tigers per 100 sq km area within the park and the figure is much more as compared to 20 in the Corbett National Park. Tiger density in other reserves in the country is found in the range of eight to 12.

Alipurduar, March 31: The hazy picture of a Royal Bengal tiger in Buxa has made the authorities sit up. They have decided to go for digital cameras for better shots in future.

Alipurduar: Buxa can breathe a little easy: a Royal Bengal tiger

Mindless Mining, Industrialization Leading To Largescale Destruction Of Forests Spell Doom For Big Cats
Rajaram Satapathy | TNN

With threats to elephants and their habitats increasing in India, the Union Government has decided to constitute a task force to come up with a detailed picture so that a comprehensive strategy could be considered and adapted for their conservation.

Feb 05 : It was a coup with a difference. No life was lost. No blood was shed. No one lost power. There was, to use a common phrase of this century, no regime change. But a king lost a crown. A new claimant became an icon.