Most rivers and streams in urban India are dead or on the verge of collapse. With a very few and rare exceptions, these once-beautiful water bodied have been encroached upond, sources dried up or converted into sewage drains all over the country.

Fifty years after setting foot in Gombe, Jane Goodall calls for urgent action to save our closest living relatives from extinction in the wild. Conservationists and local people must collaborate, she and Lilian Pintea conclude.

This FAO study analyses national legislation on wildlife management in 12 countries in Asia and Oceania. It identifies strengths and weaknesses of legal frameworks in promoting sustainable wildlife management and proposes options to support empowerment of the poor.

Numerous countries have undergone decentralisation reforms in the management of natural resources. However, the policies implemented are often not applied in ways compatible with the democratic potential with which decentralisation is conceived. The paper analyses the issue of decentralisation in resource management, in Thanagazi block, Alwar District, Rajasthan.

New ways of thinking about governance are challenging our basic understandings about how we organise ourselves in a world that is increasingly characterised by uncertainty, ambiguity and unpredictability, and about how we should organise ourselves (emphasis added).

The vision of A Nirmal Bharat!

A Consumer movement is catching on in Nepal.Communities are extending the grid to villages.This threatens to undo the effort put in small-scale off-grid power generation to fight poverty. How can Nepal harmonize the two initiatives ?

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The first thing that greets the eye at Amader Haspatal, a rural hospital in a remote part of West Bengal's tribal dominated Bankura district, is the sheer burst of colour all around.

To better understand the obstacles to access facing the poor, and the efforts by governments to reach this population, the World Resources Institute (WRI) and its civil society organization (CSO) partners in The Access Initiative (TAI) closely examined access rights and practices in four countries

The Centre's decision to redesign the scheme for providing urban amenities in rural areas could emerge as a new model for managing urbanisation of rural areas, says Arvind Mayaram