These workshop proceedings is for those who have already decided to pursue a participatory approach to environment and development, but want to dip in to something which will help hem better understand the issues involved.

An Associate Laureate of the 2004 Rolex Awards, Jo Thompson was selected for her pioneering efforts to save the bonobo, an endangered ape that dwells only in the Congo Basin region of Africa. During the Congo's war years (1998-2002), Thompson's wildlife project maintainted an active presence within the country.

Von Hippel and colleagues have highlighted the crucial role of users in innovation in different industries and types of products. They describe the innovation process in terms of the distinct domains of knowledge that producers and users possess. Producers have knowledge about technical solutions and users about their needs, the context of use, and their own capabilities as users.

The aim of this forest policy is environmental stability and ecological security through increasing vegetal cover which will lead to reduction in soil erosion and consequently dust particle in upper stratosphere. The reduction in stratospheric temperature is likely to increase the possibility of rains.

In a prelude to creating a national expressways authority on the lines of the National Highways Authority of India (NHAI), road transport and highways minister Kamal Nath has already set a time table of works that the agency would implement.

Mendha a tribal village in Gadchiroli district, Maharashtra is showing the way to conserve forests and manage natural resources. Mendha is mainly inhabited by 480 Gond adivasis.

This draft of the first ever individual forest policy for Rajasthan acknowledges fast depleting forest cover. It aims to bring additional 45,000 sq km of area under afforestation & pasture development and says that participation of local community shall be central to forest management.

The Open Budget Survey 2010 reveals that 74 of the 94 countries assessed fail to meet basic standards of transparency and accountability with national budgets. This opens the door to abuse and inappropriate and inefficient use of public money.

The right to environment is a recognised human right in Africa. However, despite the legal and institutional frameworks designed to respect, promote, protect and fulfil the right, its enjoyment is still a mirage to majority of African citizens as a result of environmental degradation.

Joint Forest Management (JFM), the partnership between the Government Forest Department and forest-fringe community (organised through the Forest Protection Committees (FPCs) towards Forest Protection, had its inception in the state of West Bengal and is considered to be the most successful in this state.