punjab farmers are protesting against a World Trade Organisation (wto) agreement that will come into force from April 1, 2001. According to the agreement, as many as 1,429 items from other

Strikes and protests greet the Nepal government s decision to ban polluting vehicles

The US and Indian business lobby along with the Union government gang up to educate the public about biotechnology

One man in a hopeless struggle against an environmental criminal. It could be you tomorrow

As a first step, the new chief ministers should declare themselves the chief environmental officers CEOs of their states

Pakistani social scientist Akhtar Hameed Khan, is remembered, on his first death anniversary, for his achievements in the field of urban management

New rules to restrict the use of plastic in India may end up promoting the polymer industry

The Biodiversity Bill to empower local communities under scrutiny of parliamentary standing committee

The question is not just of farming chiru. It is about the policy that a country should have towards wildlife conservation, forest dwelling people and the elite

We hope that this voice of academics, professionals and scientists will become a shout and then a scream very soon