Gal pagos, an archipelago straddling the equator 1,000 km west of Ecuador, is probably the world s best known biodiversity zone. But alien species and invasive plants are threatening its unique ecosystem

As cars keep off the street following a French call for European car free day, air quality in some cities shows improvement

A Kerala village burns down a polluting bone crushing factory

civil society in India associates the World Bank with economic growth infrastructure, and fiscal stabilisation. This book to some extent confirms this perception. It argues that economic growth

A UNDP report links democracy with a better human development scenario

The fifth conference on biological diversity held recently in Nairobi ended on a flat note

In India, there has been a cautious move towards handing over control of natural resources to local communities

Issues on sustainable development were discussed at a recently concluded CSD meet

The new challenges before Japan require leadership from not just the government and the corporate sector but also the civil society

NO ONE in the world would disagree that everyone should try to find ways and means to protect and improve the environment. But organisations are better equipped to do something concrete in this