Water and wood fibre are the most misused resources

The period between 1992-93 to

Some key actions for the sustainable growth of the pulp and paper industry

Overall environment health of the pulp and paper industry is far from healthy Inefficiency in resource use plagues the industry

european union ( eu ) environment ministers moved closer to a moratorium on entry of new genetically modified organisms ( gmo s) in the market, at least until new rules can be

Human costs and environmental impact of the proposed multipurpose project on the Mahakali river dominated proceedings at a recent Indo Nepal workshop in Nainital

Change also means standing behind something. In this sea of misery, you still have to find the little kernels of your dream and then stand up behind them as beacons of light. Otherwise, cynicism becomes the biggest obstacle to change dismissive and h

The Royal-Bardia National Park in Nepal is poised to prove to the world that biodiversity is best protected when the people are made responsible for it. The country representative of the World

FIVE YEARS ago, the social forestry department in Ratnagiri district of Maharashtra cleared several trees from a forest near Nandivse village to plant acacia trees. It did not know that the 4-ha patch was a sacred grove surrounding the temple of a powerful local deity, Kal Bhairon. The villagers, too, joined in because they were paid for the felling and planting.

The United Nations Development Programme's third and latest report acclaims participation as the cornerstone of human development. This springs from its recognition that "people's participation is