STAKEHOLDERS IN RURAL DEVELOPMENT John M Riley . Published by Sage Publications . New Delhi . 2002 . 214 pages The state-sponsored development has been a

Now disinvestment must also go green!

Research is often like an iceberg. The public interest can just be the visible tip with the invisible bulk being the private interest

The government had no respect for the Supreme Court s order or the desire to implement it

What slaughter mining and power plants have done to the people and the environment

Nationalisation of coalmines has failed badly

Desperate measures are the call of the day. Common people need to have a greater say

One of the main reasons given for nationalising the coalmines of India was to protect workers from accidents. What followed was large scale destruction of the environment. Now, the danger is not just from accidents that kill. For the residents of coal tow

India s biggest public sector unit is out to ape the West s fashion for unsustainable living

It is clear that the state does not function in India. Politicians and bureaucrats can go hang themselves