THOUGH India now spends more than Rs 4,000 crore annually in research and development -- 87 per cent of which comes from government and public sector industries and the rest from the private sector

BRITAIN'S Automobile Association has developed an in-car navigation system that not only locates the nearest car park, but also tells you whether there is enough space available in the facility or

Large-scale promotion of small scale decentralized renewable energy technologies to achieve a part of millennium development goal remained a great challenge until recently.

The International Energy Agency (IEA) published the results of its global Energy Efficiency Governance study as a summary handbook and a detailed report. This study aims to provide government officials and stakeholders with guidance on how to establish effective structures to promote energy efficiency.

GWEC's annual report is the autoritative source of information on wind power markets around the world. The Global Wind 2009 Report contains installation figures for over 70 countries for the 2009 record year, as well as a five-year forecast up to 2014 and detailed chapters on the key countries.

The Parikh Committee

A group of experts from the World Bank is to meet state government officials and review reforms in departments such as municipal administration, power, public distribution system and irrigation projects.

The Power generation policy-2009 announced by Gujarat government. It is aimed at encouraging private participation, promoting efficient and environment-friendly technologies in power generation and ensuring competitiveness in the power sector.