A farm implement that promises to be a boon for small farmers

Authorities of a wildlife sanctuary propose to curb the menace of rampaging wild boars by providing affected villagers with, among other things, volleyball and television sets.

Concerned residents of the city have formed groups to ensure the municipal authorities take care to keep the city clean, green and functioning.

There has recently been a flurry of international activity centred around the versatile neem.

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THE CREDIT for spreading the message of the wondrous properties of the neem goes to Chandrashekhar Mahadeo Ketkar, whose interest in the tree was piqued when he visited the quality control laboratory

That is what Lata Srikhande, a Pune housewife, did to solve her domestic waste disposal problems. Now her neighbourhood is following suit

Pune is a water-rich city with four dams and three rivers supplying water.

The Pune Municipal Corporation (PMC) has intensified its drive to clean the Mula river of the rapidly proliferating water hyacinth.

On Monday, malaria surveillance inspector Govind Satpute and his team were spotted cleaning the Mula river, which is covered hyacinth, after successfully cleaning Pashan lake.

Satpute, who has been undertaking this activity for the last eight years, said removin