Long cuts plague industry
Haryana is facing its worst power crisis - thanks to an unprecedented hike in power demand and inability of the state to supply accordingly. While the domestic consumers in urban areas are facing cuts for 12 -13 hours a day, the industry in the state claims that it is virtually running on captive generation due to frequent tripping and sharp voltage fluctuations.

Punjab is set to generate 275 MW power on canal falls and tail races of hydel channels from the mini-hydel projects and was planning to generate 100 MW more in three years spending Rs 1,000 crore.

Dharamsala: A bag of cement costs more in Himachal Pradesh than Punjab despite the fact that a number of cement plants have come up in the state and their functioning is allegedly adversely affecting the natural resources of the state, besides causing pollution.

Punjab government has evolved a comprehensive programme costing more than Rs 1 billion to cope with the increasing level of pollution on account of increasing trend of population, industrial development and vehicles in the province.

Around fifty percent of glass industry has suspended its activities while the remaining units on the verge of closure due to gas and power loadshedding, the industry

Doctors Baffled As There

Tests sponsored by a voluntary group caring for special children in south-western Punjab have shown toxic levels of uranium in samples of hair taken from 149 children, all under the age of 13 years.

Jalandhar: 83 bus stops already set up in Jalandhar, 23 more on cards. Ludhiana too to have similar stops. Each stop to consume average 3,000 units monthly; electricity used by these stops could power a large village for a month

Promises 24-hour power from March

Guru Hargobind Thermal Plant

The Punjab Energy Development Agency (PEDA) has introduced energy conservation awards to encourage energy efficiency in large and small-scale industry, Government and commercial buildings, educational institutions, agriculture sector, poultry farms and domestic sector.