Two districts of Punjab Hoshiarpur and Nawanshahar have been hit by a rash of ailments. The inhabitants are experiencing hair loss, joint swelling, certain types of deformities and other health problems. Their crop and cattle, too, are affected. At th

How successful will the state's crop deversification scheme be?

smokescreen: Two persons were charred to death and 25 injured in a major fire at pharmaceutical giant Ranbaxy's factory in Mohali, Punjab, on June 11. The blaze was preceded by blasts at the

in a bid to promote crop diversification, the Punjab government is venturing into contract farming of basmati rice, oilseeds and durum wheat (see: Down To Earth, February 15, 2003). The state-run

the seeds of a novel programme to reduce the rice-wheat predominance in Punjab's cropping pattern have been planted. The state recently launched a multi-crop, multi-year contract farming programme.

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Post harvest clumps in rice fields burn and increasepollution in Punjab

Depleting honeybees threaten biodiversity

UP government caught napping as state comes under dry spell

Ethanol, a safer alternative to MTBE, will now be mixed with petrol to curb emissions. Lopamudra Banerjee analyses the impact of this environment friendly decision