The Centre is planning to reject the Pachauri panel report on the Sethusamudram project and set up a new committee to re-examine ‘Alignment 4A’ suggested by the Supreme Court.

The government today told the Supreme Court that a high-level committee has suggested that an alternative alignment – other than the mythological Ram Sethu – for the Sethusamudram project was not e

The Minister for Environment and Forests, Ms Jayanthi Natarajan, on Wednesday termed the European Union’s emission tax on airlines as a “unilateral" decision.

A future on Earth of more extreme weather and rising seas will require better planning for natural disasters to save lives and limit deepening economic losses, the United Nations said on Wednesday

There is an institutional gap in rural areas, and thus it is difficult to implement the green rating for integrated habitat assessment (Griha) scheme in those areas, said Nobel prize laureate Rajen

The Sunderbans delta and Himalayan region of Darjeeling are two most vulnerable areas in West Bengal in terms of climate change and demand a separate attention, Dr R.K.

A centre to monitor the impact of change in climatic conditions in different zones will be set up in the state soon.

he ICT sector, one of the biggest guzzlers of energy and commercial space in India, has a huge role to play in helping India meet the goals of climate change, says a new report.

Leaders who wait for further evidence about the perils of greenhouse gases are flirting with escapism, the head of the UN’s Nobel-winning climate scientists says.

The Energy and Resource Institute (Teri), the reputed environment institute, has failed to determine the carbon footprint of the city.